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Private Education Cambodia
Corporate Training In Phnom Penh
Private Education Cambodia
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Corporate English Training

  • Corporate English Training is also referred to as Business Training and sometimes to as Executive Training. Corporate training is also recognised and defined as Business Skills ( BES ) now by the British Council in a 48 hour regular course. Translate into Khmer Version

    Phnom Penh Learning Business English

    As we all know, English is the language of global business, technology and especially communications. Our corporate skills courses will educate you in many different aspects of business communication including sales negotiation, a confident telephone manner, grammar and vocabulary amongst others. Translate into Khmer Version

    Business English Skills

    All certified UK Tutoring Services private English tutors develop a personalised educational tutoring schedule that is flexible to your business environment and needs. There are three levels of Corporate Training which are generally recognised and they are Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. Translate into Khmer Version

    English Is The Language Of Global Business

    At UK Tutoring Services-Cambodia we teach the fundamental requirements that are needed to function in business in today's modern workplace. It is of paramount importance that the active corporate executive is proficient in the basic understanding of English business skills if they are going to run a successful company.

    We run medium term courses for learners who need to quickly improve their business skills. Our corporate communication lessons include the essential elements to conduct business effectively and professionally. Our seminars and private lessons will help you to communicate in meetings, negotiation skills, telephone and basic presentation capabilities. These courses are specifically designed to help you build confidence and fluency in all of the above in the shortest possible time because we all know that time is money!

    Our private corporate tuition and training classes and more importantly the role they will play in furthering your career will cover the following objectives that we will integrate into my classroom lessons for you and your colleagues:
    - Understand the principle of project design and proposal writing.
    - Seek appropriate funding to best match your organizational programme needs.
    - Develop the theory of change and select suitable project intervention.
    - Discriminate project hierarchy and its definitions.
    - Form an effective logical framework.
    - Develop project goals, objectives, outputs and activities.
    - Write effective and successful funding proposals.
    - Team building for proposal and development.
    - Information gathering for ROI purposes.
    - Decision-making at management level.
    - General advice for strong proposal approaches.
    - Project Description for development needs.
    - Budget allocation for profit and loss projections.
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    A successful business starts with the knowledge and understanding of realistic communication. Translate into Khmer Version

    Contact us today to discuss your personal educational programme / program or even plan!

    Private Education Cambodia
    Learning About Business Communication
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    Private Education Cambodia

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