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  • Learning English in Cambodia
    Based in Phnom Penh, UK tutoring services stable of native private English tutors are all fully qualified under a myriad of various teacher qualifications and accolades but what guarantee is that to you the end customer? Let us explain in more detail the educational teacher framework and infrastructure for teaching the language so that you have a much clearer and more precise understanding of your private tutors background qualifications.

    English Teacher Qualifications
    What is the meaning of TEFL, TESL, TESOL and IELTS and more to the point, what is the difference?

    TEFL stands for teaching the language as a Foreign Language. This expression means teaching the language in countries where it is an uncommon language for everyday purposes like Spain, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brazil etc.
    TESL stands for teaching the language as a Second language. This means teaching in countries where they already speak the language and they use it as an everyday language to communicate. Places like USA, Canada, Australia etc.
    TESOL stands for teaching the language to Speakers of Other Languages. This has now morphed into an association called TESOL International Association with over 12,000 members world wide.
    IELTS stands for the International Language Testing System. Supported heavily by British Council ( who incidentally are well connected in the British film industry ) and partners, the IELTS promotes and sets the recognized standard globally for proficiency. Widely accepted by over 8000 organisations world wide and recently tested over 2 million people!

    Native English Tutors
    Phnom Penh, Private Education Cambodia

    The first three TEFL, TESOL, TESOL are all basically the same whereas IELTS is a world wide proven English Language test that sets the standards for testing. These tests can be taken in over 900 test centres situated in exciting locations all over the world in over 130 countries. Candidates are tested in listening, reading, writing and speaking the language and is available in two versions to serve academic and nonacademic purposes.

    Private English Tuition
    The International Language Testing System ( IELTS ) has noted a significant increase in the demand for the test which is now recognized by over 7,000 organisations and associations world wide including government departments and immigration bodies. A significant increase was noted from the Asian region with India raising the stakes in the game and posting improved scores in speaking and listening skills. As John Bellevue, head of IELTS was eloquently quoted saying - " IELTS is maintaining its position as the most popular high-stakes proficiency test available ".- Exciting stuff! I'll raise you 2 million!

  • If you are a native private English tutor or teacher with experience and would like to know more about UK Tutoring Services in Phnom Penh, how we can work together and improve the educational system in Cambodia then please get in contact with us and we can have a chat. Please Contact UK Tutoring Services
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