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Cambodia Education System and ASEAN 2015

  • In the shadow of the looming ASEAN 2015 deadline a damning recent report into the educational system in Cambodia dated July 2013 and released by the Royal Government of Cambodia it stated that it is fundamental that the country addresses this situation if it is to compete in the future on the world stage.

    As the rush for the 2015 Association Of South East Asian Nations ( ASEAN 2015 ) pinnacle date approaches and all the participating countries are juggling with the idea of a single trading regional marketplace a lot of parents as well as Cambodian graduates are seeing the bigger picture.

    In the wake of an inevitable education integration between the ASEAN 2015 regional members there will be a surge of foreign graduates seeking out employment in Cambodia. The Cambodian job market will become an even more competitive arena as more, and in a lot of cases, far better qualified graduates, jostle in an ever changing and challenging labour market.

    ASEAN Educational Ministers
    " Education underpins ASEAN 2015 community and lies at the core of the regional development process " is mentioned at the meeting of ASEAN Educational Ministers and they are pushing for regional cooperation all the way. But will that be forthcoming and indeed will it be a system that will be easy to implement, let alone once installed, effective? An alarming change in demand for skills in certain industry sectors is already being mentioned as a concern by current employers and it is critical that the existing educational institutions work closely together to recognise this situation.

    Association Of South East Asian Nations


    Private Education Cambodia

    A successful education system will need to be of paramount importance if a multicultural society is to succeed and prosper in the future. Unfortunately at the root of all this lies the fact that there is a serious lack of government funding. Recent surveys show that Cambodia spends less than 1.7 per cent of its Gross Domestic Product ( GNP ) on education. This is woefully low compared to its neighboring ASEAN members and there is clear evidence that the issue of teachers' salaries needs to be addressed on a far more realistic level if the country is expected to remotely contribute to controlling the ever widening regional " labour skills gap ".

    Jobs in Cambodia
    You have to remember that a child's education is only as good as the teacher's ability and level of education themselves. If that teacher has two or more jobs in order to compensate for a substandard salary then the obvious is going to happen and the future Cambodian workforce will mainly comprise of unskilled workers at worse, or at best, skilled workers but in the wrong industry sector and leaving Cambodia in droves. One has to ask oneself that if that is the case in a not too distant 2015 this is certainly not going to send out encouraging signals to investment firms wanting to recruit top end management employees from the Cambodian workforce.

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