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Insworld since 2001

Insworld has prepared students for entry into first-class universities since 2001. Our student-centred approach caters for specific individuals, with an average of four to twelve students per class, a high level of individual care and attention is guaranteed. Personal tutorial support and regular tests and assessments help our students to realise their full academic potential.

A full range of subjects is offered both at IGCSE and A Level. The modular approach of the Edexcel examinations, combined with our flexible admission dates, provides an ideal route into university for geographically mobile expatriate students.

Qualify for Insworld Institute

To study at Insworld, all students must take an English Placement Test. If their English phones improvement before entering an IGCSE or A Level programme. Our councillors will advise them to take our specially designed English for Academic Studies course.

Younger students, who have completed a minimum of six years of primary education, can enter the Edexcel International Tuition Programme. This intensive 18-month programme enables smooth progression to IGCSE.

The Insworld customised study programme will take each students’ phones and plans into consideration, preparing them for the next period of their life.

Our holistic educational approach combines modern technology with a tutorial system which encourages intellectual exchange and debate. We believe in fostering critical and creative thinking in our students while nurturing their emotional intelligence and social skills, leading to the full development of the individual.

Insworld students benefit from a range of organised sports and extracurricular activities. The school can also recommend accommodation for students who require accommodation.

Insworld Demographics

Insworld students come from up to 28 different countries, giving a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, filled with a colourful and rich blend of cultures. With a very high track record of students progressing onto top degree courses and strong links with reputed universities worldwide, Insworld Institute offers a cutting-edge educational experience.

In particular, Insworld Institute has been very successful in preparing students for medical, law and engineering degrees. Each year, Insworld students are accepted by prestigious schools such as Imperial College, University of Birmingham, University of Bristol or Monash University.

Why Study Abroad In Singapore?

Studying abroad in Singapore is best for students who not only speak English but are also interested in Asia, mixed cultures, traveling and experiencing new languages, high standards of living, city life, and a fantastic variety of cuisine.

Overseas students love to study abroad in Singapore for a multitude of reasons. When asked in a recent 2019 survey, the answers were definitive. Singapore is counted among the top educational destinations in the world from primary level to higher education because of the progressive educational system with state-of-the-art facilities.

Singapore is counted among the top educational destinations in the world

Degrees from well-known educational establishments, universities and higher educational institutes of Singapore are internationally recognized by employers. Scholarships are readily available and international students pursuing a full-time undergraduate/ diploma course are encouraged to apply for the Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS).

This amazing scheme was launched by the Singapore government and they will reduce your course fee and offers students a way to cut the cost of their tuition if they are on a full-time undergraduate/ diploma course.

if you sign an agreement and commit to working in Singapore for at least 3 years after graduation then you are eligible to apply.

English is widely spoken in Singapore and overseas students will not have any difficulty communicating as it is the main language of business & administration.

Overseas students will appreciate Singapore's multicultural society

Singapore's multicultural society allows for unique business opportunities to surface and is one of the easiest countries to do business within South East Asia as it continues to attract investors and companies from around the world.

Whilst studying abroad in Singapore overseas students will appreciate the fact that Singapore is the greenest city in Asia, is very clean, and has an extremely low crime rate. Peace of mind; I'm sure.

Studying abroad at the universities in Singapore prepares you for your future professional and personal life as an adult in the real world.

Choice in admissions in January, March, July and September

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