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Are you looking for a private home English tutor Phnom Penh? Are you worried that your final semester results are going to be low? Do you need to improve your CV to apply for that great job you saw advertised the other day? It is my pleasure to welcome you to UK Tutoring Services-Cambodia. Your solution to all your English learning requirements in Phnom Penh.

Looking For Private Education In Phnom Penh?

If you want to start learning English or you wish to improve your existing knowledge of the language, you have arrived at the perfect website! We provide personal fully qualified native ESL and TEFL tutors to many students of differing ages and ability. We teach our students for a number of reasons in the Phnom Penh area. Your home tutor will travel to a location of your choice within Phnom Penh at a time that totally suits you to teach you or your family all aspects of the language.

Today's students are tomorrows leaders!

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Phnom Penh - The Importance of Private Education

We all understand the importance of learning English today as more and more jobs are reliant upon candidates fully understanding the language. Employers around the world are insisting that applicants have a basic understanding of the language at the very least. Whether you are preparing for an important test at school or university, improving your grammar, honing your speaking English or listening skills, we have the perfect private tutor for you and your family.

With the growing demand to end the Asean countries illiteracy rate there has been an enormous effort to encourage children to increase their enrollment rates in secondary schools throughout the region with varying degrees of success.

Thanks to an increased expenditure in education at primary school level by many of the countries the literacy rate is nearly 94%. All of the countries except for Cambodia and Laos! Employing the services of a private native English tutor has become an absolute necessity if you wish to stand any chance of success in a more and more competitive employment marketplace.

Various Levels Of Learning English

Growing Demand For Private Tuition

In Brunei the average ratio of pupils to teacher is roughly 11. In Thailand the rate is 16. In Cambodia it is 48!!!

In the last 10 years we have seen a boom in demand for secondary education in Thailand where the enrollment rate has gone up by over 80%. In Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos there has been an increase of between 30% - 40%. Even though there are encouraging signs of initial improvement in Cambodia it is still woefully behind its neighboring countries with nearly 40% dropout rate.

Private English Tutor

A final and rather frightening report recently commissioned by the renowned World Economic Forum which compared and ranked 148 countries in regards to their higher education and training infrastructure came to the following conclusions - Singapore was ranked 2nd in the world while Cambodia was ranked 116.

25% of all South Korean families employ a private home tutor. Although the illiteracy rates in Asia have decreased rapidly and there are very encouraging signs that the region is keen to be seen as a potentially valuable source of future talent on an international level, there is still much that needs to be done.

Why do you need a Private Tutor?

Do not become one of Cambodia's future unemployable statistics. Get in contact today and talk to a private native English tutor telling us exactly your personal educational requirements.

Private Tutor Major Benefits

  • A Private English Tutor Can Help with Organization Skills
  • Learn Effective Research Techniques
  • Stimulate an interest in English
  • Refine Communication Skills
  • The Confidence to Write About What You Care About
  • Develop a Voice with a Private English Tutor

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