Why Do The Chinese Study Abroad?

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Why Do The Chinese Study Abroad?

Reasons for Chinese students to study abroad.

Chinese students are flocking overseas for their university education in their millions (2018/19). Why? And where are they going?

Shocking statistics have proven that China has become the largest pool of students who wish to study abroad, thanks to its growing pool of high-caliber graduates. Although developed countries and the usual favorites surface every year, the USA and most of Western Europe, there appears to be a huge spike in the numbers of Chinese students that are going to countries that are involved with the Belt and Road (B&R) initiative.

1,454,100 students are currently enrolled in overseas higher education institutions abroad and this is expected to grow significantly over the next 5 years. Chinese students attending overseas programmes with local government or employer sponsorship reached 35,900, up 119.71% on the previous year.

2018 sees an increase in the number of Chinese students studying abroad and returning after overseas studies http://en.moe.gov.cn/documents/reports/201901/t20190115_367019.html

High-flying Chinese students have a keen eye for positioning themselves in an ever more demanding global recruitment marketplace and are certainly not prepared to be left behind. Higher education institutes are currently in enormous demand. Even secretive bidding wars are not unheard of in order to secure that last valued overseas student enrollment.

Chinese Students Love Your Culture

Yes. The vast majority of Chinese students who decide to study abroad said it is because they want to develop a better understanding of other cultures and to gain a global mindset. Many students feel they have to enrich themselves more nowadays and not follow so much in their older generation's footsteps.

Learning from a different educational system overseas makes perfect sense whilst absorbing all the sights, sounds and smells of a foreign country is both extremely exciting and hugely beneficial when they return back to China with their higher degrees and doctorates.

Meeting, creating and nurturing an international network of life-long friends is seen as essential to furthering their business aspirations later down the road. These lasting relationships and memories savored within their academic cycle of life are one of the biggest positives of studying abroad.

Studying in an English-speaking country - It's Essential

There is an essential reason for this. In China, the most dreaded time of the year for students and their parents is the "Entrance Exam". Not only is it the most important exam for all high school Chinese graduates looking to get an undergraduate education must take but such stringent competitiveness is attached to this that the stigma for failing is more than most can take.

Rank avoidance of entrance examinations in China is certainly a major governing factor and parents embrace overseas education as a means and way to combat this insane competition that bubbles beneath the surface of a lot of families and in some cases can be the cause of some very serious and unnecessary family and close friend rifts. It's that serious!

Business is the most popular field of study for Chinese students.

Just under 50% of Chinese students who choose to study abroad plumped for liberal arts degrees, while the number of students majoring in engineering, management, science, art and agronomy increased by 20% year on year. Food for thought.

It is not to be underestimated that parents have a large influence on their children in Chinese culture. By studying abroad it could be said that not only is the student satisfied with this arrangement but family too. A win, win situation.

To Sum Up

"Global educational performance measures like the Pisa tests suggest that China’s universities – indeed its whole education system - are today home to a large proportion of the most accomplished students on the planet. They are today being credited with an increasing share of leading research in many fields, in particular in the sciences."


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