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UK Tutoring Services "Study Abroad Programme" (UKTSSAP)


UK Tutoring Services Study Abroad Programme (UKTSSAP)


At UKTSSAP we are here to help you study abroad. Overseas education doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Many students want to study abroad but are very worried about the cost. Yes, generally speaking, the cost of overseas education can be very expensive.

However, there are two ways that UKTSSAP can help you to obtain financial assistance to aid you to study abroad.

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UKTSSAP is a world leader in international student placement. We are the official education placement agency for a multitude of universities, colleges and highly renowned educational establishments from around the world. Our dedicated staff has a combined experience of over 100 years within the global educational market.

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Method One: Grants

University Funding


An international grant is a type of reward or gift offered to young students (usually up to 30 years of age), which can cover the cost of all the student's education expenses to study abroad at a university. Costs such as air tickets and accommodation with meals remain for the student to cover themselves but nonetheless, the international grant itself is worth thousands of dollars.

In order to apply for an international grant, there are certain things that you must do in order to reach your goal. Discipline will be one. Winning a grant doesn't happen overnight and you have to have patience. In the meantime, you should contact all the universities you wish to apply for in order to obtain the relevant documents and paperwork. Please make sure you put in the extra effort when writing your personal resume which has to be done professionally as you will be up against some stiff competition.

Government Funding


Under the jurisdiction of the ministries of education and culture, Government grants are provided and can be obtained through the embassy of the country where you are hoping to study abroad. Remember that you will need to have prepared and written out the application forms to the best of your advantage or employ the services of a professional company like us to assist you.

Two other methods that have been tried and trusted are liaising with other universities directly that you currently attend or through relatives and friends who have connections themselves either personally or from their past. Grants from funds, independent educational institutes, academic groups and organizations that match the courses you are interested in studying, offer a high return on the time you will take to contact them with a very well written letter and accompanying documents.

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UK Tutoring Services Study Abroad Programme (UKTSSAP)
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Method Two: Scholarships


We cannot stress enough that research is the key to success when it comes to applying for scholarships to study abroad. The more scholarships you can apply for, the more chance of getting that winning ticket. Although similar to grants which are designed primarily for applicants 20-30 years old, even schoolchildren can receive scholarships.

Although there are many different types of scholarships to help you study abroad that you can research yourself we would also recommend that you consider these following specialist scholarships too:

Location-Specific Grants/Scholarships to Study Abroad: These scholarships are targetting students who wish to study overseas in a certain country or city. These can be requested via a government, university or embassy. 


Program-Specific Study Abroad Scholarships/Grants: These scholarships are offered to students who are applying for a specific program or course that a certain university may be promoting and keen to fill.


Subject-Specific Grants/Scholarships for Studying Abroad: These are highly focused on a certain subject matter and relevant to a certain country. Foreign language scholarships are a great example of this type of scholarship. 


Student-Specific Scholarships/Grants: These are awarded to students directly. Study abroad scholarships are widely available and can encompass religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, and minorities. 


University-Provided Study Abroad Scholarships/Grants: Many higher education institutes and universities encourage international students who wish to study abroad because they want to a more diverse cultural study body.


Organization-Provided Scholarships/Grants: This is a great way to find NGOs, non-profit organizations, and institutes that are specifically focused on more obscure subjects and have scholarships to offer these types of overseas students. 


Government-Funded Scholarships/Grants for Study Abroad: Government-funded scholarships (as mentioned previously) deserve a special mention as they are widely available to international students who wish to study abroad in a country of their choice and for a specific reason. If you research this carefully then you will be surprised at just how many opportunities await you. 


If you wish to study abroad for free then it is easily achievable if you put in the time and effort to find them. All you have to do is to decide which country and educational establishment you want, start looking for information on funding as soon as possible and cast your net wide and far.

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