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Immigration test required to live in the UK

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SELTS - Required for immigrating to the UK

Are you considering emigrating to the UK to live there permanently, for citizenship or settlement?

If so, are you aware you must now take and pass a UK-government-approved English language test to qualify for relocation to the UK?

The SELTS - A1 test (Secure English Language Test) is the only test permitted by the U.K. government.

UK Tutoring has been assisting Cambodians to acquire the skills to become proficient in English for more than a decade. We have highly skilled and qualified trainers who will prepare you for the SELTS A1 exam and give you the confidence to pass the test successfully.

Success at LanguageCert


(UK Visa Exam)

Speaking & Listening SELT Exam

Key Features
  • 5 Units with useful Α1 vocabulary accompanied by example sentences and photos that help you understand the meaning of the words.
  • All the words are also presented in context and followed by Vocabulary exercises.
  • 5 Complete Practice Tests based on the official sample papers.
You will:
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Sentence structure
  • Learn the meanings of words and sentences
  • Improve listening skills

Let us help you fulfill your dream!

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