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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Does A Private Tutor Earn In Phnom Penh?
What Does A Private Tutor Earn In Phnom Penh?Answer
As of August 2019 private tutors can earn anything from $1200 a month part-time to $5000+ a month full-time in the capital Phnom Penh. ESL teachers can easily earn this via a private introduction agency.

How Does A Tutor Get Their Own Private Clients?
How Does A Tutor Get Their Own Private Clients?
If you work hard at correctly marketing yourself by having various stationery printed such as business cards made up, leaflets printed and distributed, a strong online presence either utilizing social media and possibly building a website too, then you will have a very good chance.
How do I get a teaching job?
How do I to get a teaching job in Phnom Penh?Answer
The truth is fortunately/unfortunately easy. In Phnom Penh, there appears to be a constant demand for teachers in schools. Some educational establishments are far more stringent than others when an applicant's qualifications need to be presented. Just like anything else, the quality varies.
Have I got enough money to pay my bills?Answer
Based On Monthly 2019 (Western Style)
  • Accommodation: Central Phnom Penh $200+/-
  • Electricity: Central Phnom Penh $25 +/-
  • Water: Central Phnom Penh $5 -
  • Internet: Cental Phnom Penh $10+
  • Food Eating In: Central Phnom Penh $150+/-
  • Food Eating Out: Central Phnom Penh $250+
  • Transport (Own): Central Phnom Penh $40 +/-
  • Transport (Other): Central Phnom Penh $50+/-
  • Insurance: Global $50+
  • Visas: National $30+
  • Emergency : Personal $50+

As you can clearly see your personal expenses will vary on a monthly basis and will be around $450+/-

On a minimum income of $1200 p/m part-time, you will have ample room to manoeuver.

What Does A Private Tutor Earn In Phnom Penh?
What is it like to live in Phnom Penh?Answer

Increasingly vibrant and cosmopolitan. A great learning curve for life in general and if you are involved in the education industry then a definite chance to make a real difference to others at ground level whilst also adding solid references to your personal CV/Resume.

Have I got enough money to pay my bills?
What Is The Comparison With Other ASEAN Countries Income?Answer

As with all countries, things are very different. Income and expenditure vary wildly within ASEAN; almost on a monthly basis! Below is a list of the ASEAN countries and estimated monthly expenditure based upon living in the capital and working within the educational infrastructure.

The nine ASEAN countries we will take into consideration for the purposes of this question are:

Rank Country Population
in million

GDP Nominal
millions of
GDP Nominal
per capita
millions of
per capita
 ASEAN 654.449 3,106,932 4,747 9,134,101 13,956
1  Indonesia 266.998 1,100,911 4,123 3,743,159 14,019
2  Thailand 67.913 516,662 7,607 1,390,484 20,474
3  Malaysia 32.801 373,447 11,385 1,064,567 32,454
4  Singapore 5.681 372,807 65,627 589,187 103,717
5  Philippines 108.732 356,682 3,280 1,032,289 9,493
6  Vietnam 95.494 260,301 2,725 769,928 8,062
7  Myanmar 53.019 65,665 1,238 372,699 7,029
8  Cambodia 16.497 26,979 1,635 76,605 4,643
9  Laos 6.874 20,153 2,931 58,329 8,485
10  Brunei 0.440 13,325 30,290 36,854 83,776
What Does A Private Tutor Earn In Phnom Penh?
Where Can I Eat Well And Cheaply?Answer
There are several places that long-term teachers and residents tend to go. Besides the obvious Western-style establishments like Burger King, KFC, PizzaExpress, etc, try street 172 and the surrounding area for a wider choice. Remember that a lot of places have a daily special offer.
What Is The Best Time To Move To Phnom Penh?
How safe Is Phnom Penh?Answer
Very safe but obviously try and avoid being intoxicated at around 3:00 am on your own. Same as anywhere. Bag and mobile phone snatching are popular as is pickpocketing. Common sense will make your stay in Phnom Penh a far more pleasurable experience.
What Is The Best Time To Move To Phnom Penh?
What Is The Best Time To Move To Phnom Penh? Answer
If you are looking for a teaching job then any time of the year. Most teachers arrive in the dry season which is November to April. May to October is the off-season but allows you to rent cheaply for 6 months and acclimatize to 31C.
What Is The Best Time To Move To Phnom Penh?
Best Tips For Teachers Moving To Phnom Penh?Answer
Bring your existing phone and buy 2 SIM cards when you get here. 1 Smart card and 1 Cellcard number. Apply for teaching jobs via email 4 weeks before you arrive. Get a 30 day Visa on arrival as your employer may pay thereafter. Try and learn some basic Khmer.

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